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The Inbound Advantage

Local businesses enjoy many benefits from inbound marketing. Here are a few of our favorites.

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The Evolution of Search Algorithms

The algorithms of tomorrow will reward brands that provide the best user experience.



Stage 1:


There was a time when content was scarce. If you had a webpage relevant to a search term it could rank quite well.


Stage 2:


Google’s PageRank changed the game and allowed the most trusted relevant web pages to rank higher in SERPS.


Stage 3:


Many began trying to game the system via link building but social media allowed the masses to “vote” on content.


Stage 4:


Smartphones are pocket-sized search engines and quickly became a common method for searching the internet.


Stage 5:


Nobody likes slow websites! Search engines know this and have been very transparent about the need for speed.


Stage 6:


The algorithms of tomorrow will reward brands and websites that provide the best possible user experience.



The Brands That Search Engines Consider Authorities Get Rewarded

Consistence + Quality + Time = Authority


How Search Engines Determine Rankings

+ Consistence

A brand that enhances and updates their web presence quarterly will have a higher consistency grade then brands that do so annually.

+ Quality

Brands that obsess over engagement, user experience, and Google’s guidelines will have a higher quality score than brands that show less concern.

+ Time

Brands that have been consistently providing the highest quality for years will stay ahead of the wave of brands that have smaller track records of quality.




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